Cyber Resilience Initiative

How to Build a Defensible Cybersecurity Budget

This 2023 webinar series is on building a defendable cyber budget and is led by Resilience’s Chief Cyber Resilience Officer Richard Seiersen and Senior Director of Cyber Resilience Rob Brown. This series is designed to help cyber resilient leaders evolve from focusing purely on compliance and technical controls to providing real business value from a cyber risk management lens. Each webinar provides access to simple tools for building a strong cyber budget that quantifies and communicates risk-informed decisions to your peers, executives, and boards. 


February 28 @ 2pm - 3:30pm ET
How to make accurate measurements and judgments about important cyber events.
April 5 @ 2pm - 3:30pm ET
Value at Risk
How to accurately gauge the potential losses you face from cyber perils using the Rapid Risk interview.
June 7 @ 2pm - 3:30pm ET
Likelihood of Loss  & Return on Controls
How to identify which controls are required to reduce the probability of cyber incidents, evaluate their costs, and ROI for implementing them without introducing additional moral hazard
August 16 @ 2pm - 3:30pm ET
Building the Defensible Enterprise Cybersecurity Budget
How to consider numerous perils, losses, and controls for a large enterprise in creating a defensible cybersecurity budget.
October 4 @ 2pm - 3:30pm ET 
Collaborating with Your Executive Team in Presenting to the Board
You are always presenting to the board, and you just may not know it. What are the steps you need to start taking from day one to collaborate with your e-team peers for success on that inevitable day. 
December 6 @ 2pm - 3:30pm ET 
Building the Cyber Resilient Organization
What principles, practices, tools, and processes are necessary to make your enterprise resilient to plausible future losses.


Rich Headshot

Richard Seiersen

Chief Cyber Resilience Officer at Resilience

Richard Seiersen is a 20+ year security veteran with 10 years as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). He has served as CISO at GE, Twilio, and LendingClub and authored two of the preeminent books on cyber risk quantification, including How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk (2016) and The Metrics Manifesto: Confronting  Security with Data (2022).

Rob Brown Headshot

Rob Brown

Senior Director of Cyber Resilience at Resilience

Rob Brown brings 25+ years of experience serving organizations from startups to government agencies and Fortune 100 companies as a senior strategic planner and decision science advisor. He is the author of Business Case Analysis with R - Simulation Tutorials to Support Complex Business Decisions (2018). 

The work they’re doing to make cyber risk quantification more accessible and visible within organizations has the power to make security leaders much more effective with peers and boards.

Michael Calderin

Director of Information Security and Compliance, YAGEO 
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