New Tech is  NOT  a Trade-off For Cybersecurity


Group 64279


This educational institution reached out to Resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide its students with Chromebooks for remote learning. They also decided to switch from a legacy Microsoft environment to Google Classroom for their administration systems. In addition, they were working on a plan to make their infrastructure cloud-ready in order to take advantage of AWS services.

Group 64278 


The multi-IT environment would be a challenge to secure. Threats to their student's data privacy were top of mind amidst the wave of ransomware attacks that had crescendoed during the pandemic. They needed to secure devices for hundreds of students, teachers, and faculty members quickly. They also needed to be secured across a multi-IT environment; however, building MFA across multiple environments was a Herculean task that could risk knocking the entire school offline.


Path 304 MFA: Worked with their CFO and IT department to contract a vendor who specialized in complex environments.

Path 304 Monitoring of critical exposures and vulnerabilities.

Path 304 Cyber risk quantification modeling to help them manage their limited security budget in the most efficient way.

Path 304 Quarterly meetings with the client’s IT team.

Group 64277


Resilience’s security team was tasked with implementing the security protocols necessary to protect students and faculty across both Google and Microsoft after our insurance team presented a binding and comprehensive cyber insurance policy that would cover them in case of an attack. Through an actionable cyber hygiene plan tailored to their unique scenario.

Group 64276


This institution successfully implemented MFA across both legacy applications for all students and faculty. Their enhanced insurance coverage and advanced security protocols allowed them to transition to online learning seamlessly while preventing cyber threats and securing all of their data throughout the time they were learning remotely. This action laid the foundation to migrate their infrastructure onto AWS Services.