Engaging executives  BEFORE  an incident  CAN  maximize the effectiveness of your incident response

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Group 64279


This local government client using AWS services came to Resilience looking for cyber insurance coverage to supplement their investment in cybersecurity. The client had strong controls and obtained comprehensive coverage but still needed Resilience’s Risk Expert's support to maximize their investment in cyber risk management.

Group 64278 


Six months after their initial onboarding, the client realized they had experienced two potential data security incidents within the same month. A ransomware attack against one of their third-party vendors and an erroneous loss of employee data. In both cases, the client needed to evaluate whether customer and employee private data were accessed and whether they had any data breach notification obligations as a result. 


Path 304 Vendor Risk Management Guide to assess and respond to third-party risk

Path 304 Crisis Communications Guide to help them avoid common crisis communication mistakes

Path 304 Incident Response Plan with Tabletop Exercise, including AWS regional outage simulation

Path 304 Monthly meetings with the client’s IT team to ensure the cyber hygiene plan was on track

Group 64277


The Resilience Claims & Incident Management team immediately contacted the client and their broker to introduce them to panel-approved privacy law firms that specialize in assisting clients throughout the lifecycle of a privacy matter. We guided them through responding to the incidents and continued to work with them to strengthen their risk posture and build resilience against future incidents.

Group 64276


Resilience helped this client respond immediately to both incidents, mitigate potential losses, and minimize incident response costs. This is a direct result of incident response planning, vendor risk management, and crisis communication instruction and guidance provided by our expert teams.